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The Dog-Geek’s Guide to Interior Design – 3 Recommendations

Back when we moved into the new house and my roommate was brining his dog Kerrick, I was so excited to get our home ready! I remember we had to make sure we had a kennel, plenty of new toys, and a nice new dog dish!

Changing up your home is always exciting. And finding ways to make it an even more dog-friendly space is key to keeping you both calm, relaxed, and full of good vibes.

So, here’s my personal guide to making your home a stylish and functional space for you and your fur family. 

1. Tackle dog hair with a lint roller

Handle dog hair regularly. Lint rolling every couple of days is fast and easy, before they turn into tumbleweeds around the house. I do my best to clean up at least once or twice a week. Trust me about keeping up with this! It makes all the difference. 

2. Keep breakables out of reach. 

Dogs, especially puppies, are curious. So, keep interesting things low to the ground for them to safely explore. In my home, I make sure all the dog toys are easily accessible on the floor or nearby so we can play at any time.

You might need to rearrange a bit or swap out fragile items for something more durable. 

3. What you do, your dog needs space to do. 

Does your dog have space in every room? When we first moved into the apartment, Kerrick didn’t have a lot of room to roam and explore and he spent a lot of time alone in his cage. So, as you can imagine, he got bored and lonely pretty quickly. He’s an active breed and needs to explore and have people around. I can’t believe I forgot something like that! 

The point is to make sure your dog has space to eat, play, rest, sleep, use the bathroom and get clean. Try shopping at Petsmart for big, not likely to get torn-to-shreds rope. Or installing a dog dining area or a mud room for when Fido comes inside from the rain. 

I’d love to know what other dog lovers are doing in their homes. What’s your favorite dog-inspired interior design tip? Send me a quick message at and let me know! Send a pic too, if you can.

CJ Ashmore

Pawfect Photo Moments LLC, Owner and Photographer


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