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I'm your artistic storyteller.

My name is Christopher Ashmore, but you can call me CJ.

My greatest joy is found in masterfully crafting a story through art that strips away all the distractions, leaving the personality and story of the dog or cat fully on display. This allows those single pet parents the chance to always be connected to their fur children, even after they have long passed on. 

I believe outcast dogs and cats deserve curated art telling the story of their inherent dignity and value as the hero in the lives of those they connect with.

I am uniquely a non-conformist and action-oriented. I love to provide my private clients the white-glove, done-for-you service. They do not have to fear making hard decisions, like where to have the session or what products fit them, their lifestyle, and budget. Instead, everything about their experience is customized and personalized to them and their fur child. 

My clients instead enjoy the journey of discovery as they see powerful artwork crafted, aesthetic mastered in conjugation with their own taste and style, and legacy created for their pet so that they can always tell their story, even long after they have passed on. 

Woman Kissing White Chihuahua Pet Portrait | Colorado Springs, CO | Pet Photography with P

It's more than just a photo

It's moments in time that capture your story, bond, and love

Love, sacrifice, joy, happiness , freedom - all of these feelings are best expressed through those few defining moments that you remember throughout the rest of your life.

My goal is to capture those raw, genuine moments that you share with your pet throughout their lifetime. Because those moments deserve to be remembered. 


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Hello. I'm CJ!

Capturer & Teller of Genuine Pet Stories

I am a dog & cat photographer at heart, who loves to capture their unique personality and story and is dedicated to serving single pet moms & young pet couples who feel guilty, struggling to find time with their animals because of busy schedules.

I have a lot of life experiences that got me here today:

  • Growing up with three dogs, along with a period of raising 9 pups and seeing their lives transform those around me

  • Getting my biochemistry degree in college, but instead of medical school, I decided to start my own business

  • Starting two businesses after college while working full-time at a medical device manufacturer that has allowed me to connect with the local pet community in ways I never imagined possible

  • Raising money and supplies for local non-profit pet shelters and rescues to help out dogs and cats in need


But basically, I spend most of my time covered in dog hair from rolling around with puppies on the floor.

CJ Ashmore with Camera Pet Photographer _ Colorado Springs, CO _ Pawfect Photo Moments LLC
Elegant Paper
Desk Print of a Cat Portrait | Colorado Springs, CO | Pawfect Photo Moments LLC
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Am I the right photographer for you? Here's how to know:

  • You're looking to create legacy for your pet's life and story

  • You love going on adventures with your pet, even if they're at home

  • You want an individualistic experience, where everything is personalized to you, your style, and your budget

  • You value deep connection, authenticity, and uniqueness

  • You want to experience artwork that is cutting edge, enduring, and showcases excellence in craft and innovation

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