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Pet Photography: Why it Matters Part I - Introduction

Weddings, graduation, award ceremonies, newborns – there are many special and big events in life that happen. Everyone gathers around and celebrates, taking plenty of photos and enjoying very delicious food (yum!), but not many people have considered pet photography. After all, you might be wondering “why would I want to hire a pet photographer?” This four-part series aims to answer that question.

What is Pet Photography?

Let’s start off with the simplest question we can – what is pet photography? Well, just like it says, it is professional photography of pets – dogs, cats, bird, horses, hamsters, take your pick. The most common of course is dog, cat, and horse photography, but it is not limited in any sense to only those three. You can find a pet photographer for almost any kind of pet. And like I said previously – this work is usually done by a professional – whether they own their own business or do it as a freelance photographer on the side.

But this is where it gets interesting – just like other areas of photography, no two pet photographers are the same. They each have their own style, niche, and focus. Therefore, depending on who you work with, you get two very different results even though you take the same photos with the same pet. For example, you have a dog photographer who specializes in photographing only black dogs (which are harder to photograph) versus a pet photographer who specializes in horses. Each understands the small details surrounding that specific animals behavior and how to best photograph that animal under certain circumstances that they can control. This, along with their own unique circumstances and upbringing in photography lends them each to their own specialty.

What We Do

For example, Pawfect Photo Moments specializes in photographing the unique personality of dogs and cats outdoors (and at home) within different seasons. So while one black Labrador may be wild and crazy in the snow and look just amazing with a simple red scarf, another small and tough chihuahua that’s brown and white would lend itself better to a calm indoor shoot on a sofa. Each animal is different, has a different personality, and therefore does better photographed in different environments and under different conditions. Let’s dive a little deeper into the differences between photographers.

No Two Photographers are The Same

Each photographer can also either shoot in a studio, outdoors, or both. Some people like going into a physical building to do a professional shoot with hair, makeup, and fake eyelashes – oh sorry this is pet photography (ahem). Others like doing more candid day-in-the-life shots. In these kind of shot, the photographer follows the pet throughout its day and takes very candid photos as the day progresses. Some people prefer more serious and professional looking, posed photos. Others prefer more relaxed and “in the moment” shots.

Additionally, some photographers do online sales, where the client orders their photos from a gallery and then the items purchased are shipped to their door. Yet other photographers do in person sales at a coffee shop, their home, or their studio. Each type of sales provides a different experience catering to a different group of people.

Here at Pawfect Photo Moments, I take more candid shots that capture the personality of the pet. I also provide a mix of online and in person sales, depending on the needs of the client. For example, for a client that I am unable to meet with in person, I instead do a virtual sales session. This way we go through the same photos over video call. Now both parties are able to be flexible and I still provide a great experience to the client. After all, most people are not aware of all of the options they have when purchasing artwork or printed photos outside of the usual 8 x 10 canvas. So I am here to help introduce them to a whole new world of photography.

Overall, Go for the Photographer that Provides the Experience You Want

It is my job to not only provide the best experience, but to also help guide the client to what they ultimately want. Whether that’s photos for Facebook and Instagram or a whole wall collage of their pet, the customer is first.

Overall, each photographer has their own preferences, style, taste, experience level, and talents. It is all this experience, understanding of photography, and deep understanding of pet behavior and psychology that lends photographers to focusing on one style and niche versus another. It is why pet photography done by a professional is worth the cost compared to other avenues – which we will discuss in Part 2 of this series.

Find the right pet photographer for you. This is an important step in getting the results you want. So if you’re interested in capturing those pawfect photo moments of your pet’s personality while they jump around in the snow like a dork – submit an inquiry to learn more about how I can serve you here! See you in Part 2!

CJ Ashmore, Owner


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