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Fun Puppy Portraits – 3 Surprising Reasons to Get Pictures NOW!

Everyone loves puppies! Small, cute, and adorable – those three words very accurately describe them. They’re also some of my most fun clients to photograph! Puppy portraits are some of my favorite to work on. After all, who doesn’t love tossing toys and rubbing small bellies all day?

Plus, puppies sound adorable and can be very diverse in their colors and actions. It can also be a special time to photograph them with any of their brothers and sisters, if they have any. I myself have gone through two litters of puppies – totaling 9 little pups that have all grown old by now.

Thus, the joy of a new friend doesn’t last forever! Here are 3 surprising reasons to get puppy portraits of your new pal NOW:

Reason 1 – Puppies Grow up Fast!

This may seem obvious to some of us – but it is very true! Puppies grow up fast!

They’re like kids – but age much much faster.

I know it may feel differently when you’re potty training them or cleaning up after them day after day. It may feel like it takes forever for them to get past those stages. Nonetheless, these times are very important and ones you will not want to forget about or shrug off!

Take a look at the photo above – that is a picture of my friend’s new puppy and him together not too long after he got him. He had called me up for a sudden road trip to go get this little guy and the rest was history! That feels like it was yesterday.

But now, that little puppy is over 150 lbs and is a much bigger boy that he was in those photographs – and he’s still not that old!

Of course, he still has the same great personality – but I’m very glad I was able to capture a bunch of puppy photos for my friend – he still cherishes them to this day.

Reason 2 – Special Puppy Portrait Deals

You might not be aware of it, but most pet photographers offer special deals for puppies. For instance, here at Pawfect Photo Moments, I offer a package plan specifically for puppies.

If you have a puppy and you let me know about it, I can –

  1. Schedule three puppy portrait sessions over their first year (1st when you get them, then 6 months and one year after)

  2. Provide you a better deal than my usual rates

This will let you see just how quickly your pup grows! You’ll be able to see them at milestone marks in their development and see how they’re changing with time.

These kind of photoshoots are perfect for certain wall art layouts or for things such as albums. They let you show progress and with some breeds of dog, certain traits or characteristics only become visible (or fade away) once they get older.

Reason 3 – You’ll Want to Remember

Finally, you’ll want to remember the times of them as a puppy! It is always nice to be reminded of their times as a puppy and all the silly fiascos you had to go through with them as they grew up.

Puppies are no different from children in that you will always want to have and cherish those memories and times together. After all, they are a part of your family and very important to you.

So if you’re wanting to have memories that will last you a lifetime and realize just how short of a timeframe you have to capture those memories – get your pet photography session scheduled now!

I’ll be ready for you!

CJ Ashmore Pawfect Photo Moments LLC, Owner and Photographer


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