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Can’t Be Home? Fun Tech Gadgets That Help You Snoop on Your Snoopy

No matter how much I love my house full of pets, I can’t be home with them all the time. Obviously, I need to leave my home to go shopping or for a walk around the block. And I’m sure you’re the same. 

But how fantastic would it be to have at least some idea of what’s going on with our pets while we’re away? I imagine how Cyradel spends the days chasing super tiny flies or loafing around on his cat tree.

Remember, it’s important not to leave any pet home alone too long. But for the times you’re out, it might be worth your money to keep tabs on your pet. Check out these fun techy gadgets for pet parents that have form and function. 


1. Let your pooch train with a pro.  

Porter Lab’s new PupStation is pawsome. It puts the latest in behavioral science to work to help train and entertain your pup and keep them mentally and physically stimulated. 

This gadget essentially rewards good behavior with a treat. It’s great for any dog, especially those who would benefit from extra mental stimulation, like a brand new puppy who is full of energy. The PupStation also comes with fun pucks that make for a great game.

2. Talk to your pup at any time

Indoor cameras are amazing for checking up on your pet. And you might catch who’s clawing your furniture. Blink Home Security has some of my favorite cameras because of great video quality and it has a pawsome 2-way feature so you can talk to your pet.

3. Furbo is another great camera option—with some sweet twists. 

Think of all the wonderful benefits of having a camera plus treat-tossing! The Furbo is used all the time by my cousins who are regularly away from their pups to treat them to tasty snacks whenever they’re in the mood.

If you’re dealing with dog challenges like destroyed pillows from chewing or howling, you’ll probably benefit from the Furbo Dog Nanny, too. It will alert you to the behavior. 

While it’s designed for dogs, Furbo’s basic features work for cat parents who want to check in on their feline friend, too.

4. Fetch just got a serious upgrade. 

Fetch is one of Kerrick’s favorite games. But let’s face it – a game of fetch tires me out faster than it does my dog.  And it probably does you, too. 

The iFetch mini ball launcher is a lifesaver. It’s perfect for small and medium dogs who love that endless game of fetch. The launcher can be set to throw 10, 20 and 30 feet, and is designed so your dog can be trained to reload the balls without your help.

Definitely a must-have for fetch-loving dogs! 

5. Day or night, see what your cat sees!

Ever wonder what adventures your cat is getting into all day long? Me too! I just know Cyradel gets into mischief clawing up my massage chair when I’m not around and I’d love to catch it on camera. 

GlowTrack cat camera is super lightweight and after a gentle introduction of a few minutes per day, collar-tolerant cats can wear it when you need to know what they are getting up to. It captures clear video…even at night.

Although it’s designed for cats, I think dog parents can have fun with this, too!  

CJ Ashmore

Pawfect Photo Moments LLC, Owner and Photographer


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