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3 Ways Rescuing a Pet Will Change Your Life

I didn’t know it then, but my life was about to change forever.

When I was young, we got Paprika, our very first dog. She was smart, full of energy, and excited to depart out into the world. She picked us out of everyone that saw her and we took her home the minute we felt that deep bond with her.

But it wasn’t without struggles! Whenever we would get home, she’d get so excited she’d pee right where she was standing!

Eventually, she learned to control her bladder and we taught her a bunch of different tricks (she could do up to 10 different ones!)

We then eventually got another dog, a cocker spaniel, for her to have puppies with, which led to her having 9 pups of her own, which continued to change our lives and the lives of those around us forever.

Three things I learned from adopting a pet

I learned THREE really important truths: 

1. Being open to new experiences is very important for keeping life exciting and fun. Without being open to change, it is unlikely we would’ve ever had all the wonderful memories and experiences we had with Paprika, Baron, and their pups.

2. Helping others make life wonderful. By being able to give newly born pups away to close friends and family, we were able to watch and see how their lives changed as their pups grew old with them. The fun, the excitement, the pups’ personality – all of it made a huge difference to the lives of those around us.

3. Every dog is different. Every single pup that Paprika had was totally different from the rest. While they each might have similar markings or coat, their personalities all were very different. That was perfect, because it meant we were able to match them with the family that best fit their personality and style – whether crazy and wild or calm and collected.

Now most of those pups have passed, but they leave paw prints on each of our hearts and a legacy of love and tender care. I cannot think of any one of those pups without it putting a smile on my face and I know it is the same for all the people that were able to have their lives impacted by those pups.

In a big way, that experience has inspired my pet photography business today. I can live and work focusing on the joy and excitement that they bring into the lives of others and focus on capturing each of their unique personalities while ensuring that their short lives are able to tell amazing stories, even long after they have passed.

They are a constant inspiration to connect with all different sorts of people and their dogs & cats to provide an amazing experience that can deeper their relationship and love of one another.

Interested in Adoption? 

For more information about animal rescue and adoption in Colorado Springs, we highly recommend these fabulous organizations. 

  • Wild Blue Cats

  • No Hound Unhomed

  • Animal rescue of the Rockies

Did you adopt your pet? We’d love to hear about your adoption journey!

Share a photo of your pet on our Facebook Page!

CJ Ashmore

Pawfect Photo Moments LLC, Owner and Photographer


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