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Professional Pet Photography Services in Colorado Springs

Pawfect Photo Moments LLC

Our pup's stories will one day end. Let's keep their story alive.

We love our fur balls. We love their silly personalities, their crazy quirks, and their adorable faces. We create so many amazing memories with them. But sadly, they don't live long enough to keep making stories with.

Imagine for a moment a different world where they can keep telling their story. 

Through artistic control and cutting-edge design, we create a lasting vision of your pet's story that lasts a lifetime.

CJ Ashmore with Camera Pet Photographer | Colorado Springs, CO | Pawfect Photo Moments LLC

Hello. I'm CJ!

Capturer of genuine pet moments & adventures

My name is Christopher Ashmore, but you can call me CJ.

I am a dog & cat photographer at heart, who loves to capture their unique personality and story and is dedicated to serving single pet moms & young pet couples who feel guilty, struggling to find time with their animals because of busy schedules.

My greatest joy is found in masterfully crafting a story through art that strips away all the distractions, leaving the personality and story of the dog or cat fully on display, which allows those single pet parents the chance to always be connected to their fur children, even after they have long passed on. 

I believe outcast dogs and cats deserve curated art telling the story of their inherent dignity and value as the hero in the lives of those they connect with.


But basically, I spend most of my time covered in dog hair from rolling around with puppies on the floor.

Elegant Paper
[The portraits] were really cute! He did a really good job of capturing the intensity of my pups eyes.
~ Vanessa

Check out our most recent favorite sessions...

Puppy with Ball in Grass on Black Background | Colorado Springs, CO | Pet Photography Port

I'd love to capture your pet's story.

Because those memories are worth a lifetime.

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