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Why I Love Ugly Pets

Ever see a pet so ugly it’s cute? You’re not alone.


With their tongue sticking out, wrinkles, and protruding eyes, how could anyone NOT love them? I know I’m not the only one. The World’s Ugliest Dog Contest wouldn’t have become so popular if the masses didn’t absolutely admire these extra special pets and the people who take care of them.

Today, I want to spread the love! There’re a million reasons ugly pets are so, so special. And here’s why they deserve to be celebrated.

They Are Delightfully Unexpected

You expect to go “awww” when you see an adorable kitten or puppy. But when they’re ugly?

Your brain takes a minute to process how they look because they’re so unexpected, so there is no immediate “aww” moment. You don’t expect to see an ugly pet, so when you do, it’s a scroll-stopper!

They Don’t Know (or Care) That They Are Ugly

Why should they? Some people are very self-conscious about their looks or how the world perceives them, which can at times be very crippling. Ugly dogs and cats don’t have to deal with mirror worries. How useful!

They Give Us a Reason to Discuss Difficult Things

An old chihuahua whose tongue hangs out cutely or a dog with an abnormally short neck give us an open door to educate the public on tooth loss, short spine syndrome, and other health issues so-called ugly pets might have. We can also freely chat about how to prevent or care for animals with these challenges.

Memorialize Your Extra Special Ugly Pet with Custom Pieces

One of the best ways to bring your home to life and add some character, while celebrate your ugly (or not ugly) pet is with custom photography and artwork.

For example, I created a custom acrylic of my parent’s puppy, Twinkie. This now sits prominently in the entryway to the home or, at times, in the living room and it helps to brighten up the entire space and showcase Twinkie’s personality on full display. As she’s a puppy right now, she won’t look that way forever, so I’m happy we got to capture portraits of her at that age!

If you’re in the Colorado area, and are looking for some great shots of you and your pups, you’ll want to check out our experience page to learn more!

Show me all the wrinkly, too much hair, not enough hair, imperfectly perfect ugly pets out there! Send pics of your favorite ones at


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