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Top 10 Questions to Ask Before You Hire A Pet Photographer

I know you want the absolute best for your pet. From finding a great vet to the perfect groomer to investing in pet products from companies whose business practices resonate with you, where you spend your money matters. You want the best for your budget and also to do business with someone whose values align with your own.

When you find someone who aligns with your values, your much more likely to enjoy working with them and will find that you’ll more easily share common goals and expectations for the work that is done.

So if you’ve recently found someone you think would be the perfect pet photographer, here’s a list of questions to ask before hiring them. Of course, you can always ask ME these questions as well!

What To Ask When You Find a Pet Photographer You Like

  • Do they work in a studio or on location?

  • Do they think they are calm and patient?

  • How have they handled an energetic, stressed out, nervous dog?

  • Can they work on-leash if need be (and perhaps edit the leash out)?

  • What packages and types of photos do they offer – print, digital, etc.?

  • What's the final cost with everything included?

  • What do customers like to add-in?

  • Do they understand pet body language for this specific species?

  • Have they ever dealt with a pet with your special circumstance (age, ability, medical condition, fear, anxiety, etc.)?

  • What do their portraits normally look like and do they have a consistent style? Do I like or resonate with that style?

In my experience, pet professionals LOVE talking about their job and LOVE making sure they are a good fit for the animal and family. My advice: if they can’t answer the questions above or something feels off, it might be a good idea to keep looking! A big part of my business at Pawfect Photo Moments LLC is ensuring transparency with our clients all the way through the process to ensure there are no unwanted surprises!

Questions to Ask Before Buying from a Pet Company

Along with pet professionals, you’ll make a lot of buying decisions for your pet. From buying dog beds, food and water bowls, collars, clothing, training, or grooming kits, you will buy A LOT of stuff for your pet.

I know for me, it’s important that I support businesses that offer great customer service, that are local, and companies that are transparent with their customers so they can make the best informed decision for them.

Doing research and supporting businesses who align with your values can instill a sense of pride about how and who you support. Before buying a pet product, you might want to:

  • Read reviews. If you buy from a product company and a lot of people complain it falls apart easily or if you notice the company is responding to comments negatively or not answering the questions of commenters, that might be a red flag.

  • Read the company missions, values or history pages. Do the company mission and values resonate with you and matter to you? Do you relate to their backstory or the story of how they got started and can you relate to their current client base?

  • Look at their social media and see the type of content they post and how they respond to comments. Do they celebrate events that seem important or are they generally posting negative or contriversal topics to get a rise out of people? Are they heavily political or more keep to themselves? Do they engage with followers and commenters and do they seem excited to engage and be helpful?

There you have it! My go-to recommendations when hiring the best pet photographer for you. If you have any questions or want to learn more about my pet photography services, I’m always happy to talk and see how I can help.


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