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7 Boredom-Busting DIY Toys For Your Dog

Does your fido get bored? Our dogs will take naps, find something fun in the trash, chase the cats, or dig holes when they’re bored out of their minds.

Dogs can get tired of the same old, same old—which is why it’s imperative to keep them busy with fun toys, puzzles and more! DIY toys are a great way to keep things fresh and exciting for your dog. Making your own toys is especially great for dogs who are just going to destroy the toys or drop them repeatedly in the water bowl.

A quick word about DIYing dog toys: depending on how well made they are, you’ll want to 1) make sure they can handle any abuse your dog dishes out to them and keep an eye on your dog the first time they play with them, 2) don’t use any materials that your pup can cut themselves on, and 3) don’t use any materials that your dog could choke on or ingest.

Check out these 7 super fun, boredom-busting toys any dog will love…and your wallet will thank you, too!

1. T-Shirt Rope Toy

I have TONS of old t-shirts I never use that seem to be taking up all my closet space. Some of them I use now for when I’m painting or when I know I’m going to get dirty, especially since they no longer fit right or have weird stains on them. And while that may be gross to us, they are the perfect candidate for a dog rope toy!

Making a rope toy out of t-shirts looks super thrifty. We’ve seen a few t-shirts come and go through this method. Check out how to make your own by following these tutorials here or here.

2. DIY Agility Jump

Okay, this agility jump from Gone to the Snow Dogs looks wild! I know our dogs aren’t the right breed or of the right mindset to enjoy agility training - but I’ve photographed plenty of dogs who are! You’ll need to be a little handy (and use the proper equipment), but this could be fun for years to come!

3. Soda Pop Bottle Treat Dispenser

Save those 2-liter bottles and turn them into a treat dispenser. Daily Dog Tag has instructions for a tasty dispenser that can look very decorative and also be a lot of fun for your dog to knock around. Plus, it has the added benefit of being a good show for you and those around watching your dog help himself to some delicious treats! (I recommend you use this one carefully - I’m looking at you, beagles!)

4. Muffin Tin Game

I just found out about this game and am excited to give it a try! Grab a muffin tin, tennis balls and your dog’s favorite treats! Randomly add treats and cover them with tennis balls. Your dog will need to sniff and paw out their reward! This is great for enrichment, mental stimulation, and giving your dog’s nose a workout!

An awesome tasting, step-by-step recipe that’s a perfect fit for this game can be found at It Doesn’t Taste Like Chicken.

5. Shoebox Hide and Seek

Take your dog’s favorite treat and hide them in shoe boxes. Our dogs drool over pig ears because of how crunchy they are and they love to try and find them.

Leave some boxes empty and place treats in others. Have your dog go around searching for the boxes with treats. Make it more challenging by putting the lids on.

6. Tennis Ball Puzzle

Cut a tennis ball along the seam and put your dog’s favorite treat inside. This would be perfect for our ball loving dogs because they could not only chase after the ball, but also try and get the treat from inside! I’m sure this puzzle toy will keep your dog busy—and quiet!

7. Pupsicles!

Popsicles for dogs. There are so many great recipes out there. Our dogs would love the peanut butter flavor. The Dog Bakery has some awesome pupsicle recipes to try out a go!

Some signs of apparent boredom, like lethargy and lack of appetite, could be a sign of anxiety or an unseen health issue. If your pup acts disinterested, or doesn’t perk up when invited to play, it’s time to check with your local veterinarian.

Got a cool DIY dog toy you think other doggies would go woof for? Tag me @pawfectphotomoments on Facebook!


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