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The 2022 Holiday Gift Guide for Dog Lovers

‘Tis the season, dog lovers! 

I remember one year when we got all the dogs in our house stockings and hung them up above the fireplace. I was so excited to get them all sorts of goodies they’d absolutely love for Christmas! Those customized stockings are one of my favorite treasures to this day.

Finding the perfect gift for your dog and dog-obsessed friends and family can be tricky. But it’s so worth it to see their huge smile when they unwrap that pawsome present! 

If you’re on the hunt for dog-riffic gifts, look no further. You’re sure to find something outrageously fun, quirky, adorable or practical for the dog-loving people and dogs in your life below. 

A Personalized Throw Pillow

Who wouldn’t love a custom throw pillow of their beloved dog? I know a girl who just lost her dog not too many days ago. It was very sad and difficult, but I know she would absolutely love a personalized pillow showing off her dog’s scruffy face. Scroll through your friend’s social media feed to find the perfect photo of their pet to use for the pillow design. 

Mmmm, Coffee…and Dogs

I love two nice piping hot cups of coffee with cream in the morning. Just about anyone would be so happy to get a customized dog mug. Throw in some  Grounds & Hounds Rescue Roast and you’ve got a tasty gift you’ll feel good to give (and get!).  

A Gift for the Escape Artist  

Check out this super cool GPS tracking tag. My grandpa’s dog Freedom was known to quickly dash out on her own. That’s how she got the name freedom – she’d always be escaping from her box as a pup! Or if your friend has an iPhone and uses AirTags, check out this collar AirTag holder. Keep in mind that some trackers require a monthly subscription.


For Your Active Friend

We all know that one person who is always on the go. My buddy Kaleb is a huge hiker and loves the Colorado outdoors. This backpack dog carrier would make it laughably easy for any active or traveling person to bring their smaller-sized dog safely along.  


A Gift Certificate Always Fits

Everyone loves pet-related gifts, but sometimes it’s hard to know exactly what a pet-parent wants or needs. A gift certificate to a local pet specialty store, a groomer or pet sitter, or a gift card to choose whatever they like online, is always a favorite. I would recommend personalized pet photography and artwork myself. If you know someone who has been talking about adding a pet to their family, a certificate to cover the adoption fee at your local shelter would be an awesome choice! 

Are the dog geeks in your life all about that tech? Maybe one of these fun tech gadgets will make the perfect holiday gift. 

Let me know what dog-inspired gift you end up buying at PawfectPhotoMoments on Facebook!

CJ Ashmore

Pawfect Photo Moments LLC, Owner and Photographer


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