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5 Amazing Places to Take Pictures of Your Dog in Colorado

Did you know most dog lovers have an average of 10,000 pictures of their dog on their phone?

No? Just me?

Well, that might not be an exact statistic, but it can very accurately describe many people who are in total love with their fur babies. You know you just have to take pictures of your dog whenever they’re acting up or being silly and cute. When is the last time you’ve looked through those photos? Have you noticed that you take a lot of the same kinds of photos or take photos in the same sort of places (like at home)?

Well if you are wanting to spice up your photography and want your amazing pictures of your dog to be even more “wow that’s fantastic”, then you’ll want to inject some variety into those pictures. A great way to do just that is to take pictures of your dog from different places!

So for all my fellow Coloradans – here are 5 amazing places to take pictures of your dog in Colorado.

Place 1 – Take Pictures of Your Dog at Home!

“Duh” you’re saying. I know that!

But do you?

First, you can take pictures of your dog in different rooms. Think the living room, the bedroom, the patio, or even the laundry room!

Then, you can add even more variety by changing the props around them, almost like a tv set. Are they on the sofa or bed? Do they have toys that they are playing with or are they being lazy slouched over the couch? Get creative and throw some dirty laundry on your dog before snapping a picture or capture them playing around with another one of your dogs or the kids!

The key is to have fun inside your own home and focus on capturing memories that you’ll want to remember for a lifetime. You won’t always be able to capture that moment when the dog licked the chocolate pudding off your kid’s face!

Place 2 – At the Park

Another great place! This is perfect if you take your dogs on regular walks as well.

Just bring your camera along and capture the walk to the park on the way. Then you can have fun and take photos of your dog jumping and galloping around in the grass, playing fetch, walking along the sidewalk, chasing the squirrel up the tree, or just enjoying nature.

This is a great time to capture them running around like crazy or practice shooting in some heavy sunlight.

Place 3 – At the Lake

If your dog is hydrophilic (water-loving for all you non-chemists out there), then you’ll definitely want to search out some local lakes to take them to. Take photos of them playing in the water or of some of their reflections!

Try and capture a few action photos too – throw their favorite toy in the water, watch them go splash, and then capture your shot!

I’m sure you’ll get some great photos in the process.

Just be aware, that if you want to take pictures of your dog here, you’ll want to make sure your camera is safe in case it gets dropped in the water or gets wet!

Place 4 – In Your Backyard

Back at home, you might not think about it, but if you have a backyard, that can be a great place to capture some pictures!

If you have a garden, you can capture your pets interacting with your plants, flowers, or some of the local bug life. Put them up on a bench and shoot from a low angle or play fetch with them.

Treat your backyard like an outdoor wonderland that you have complete control over. No one will yell at you for moving things around like they would at a public park!

Place 5 – In the Mountains

Finally, for all you nature lovers and avid hikers, you’ll definitely want some mountain shots! Take your dog on a hike with you and capture some of Colorado’s natural beauty! Just pose your dog up on a rock or just a ways down the trail and try to capture a gorgeous mountain background behind them.

Or do the reverse and capture some city shots – these can be especially amazing if you learn some night/flash photography skills!

Overall, you want to stay creative and not confine yourself to any one shot or location.

If you’d like help choosing some awesome photo locations in Colorado and would love to see what professional photography can do to bring out the amazingness of your fur pup, you can check out more about working with me here.

Till next time!

CJ Ashmore

Pawfect Photo Moments LLC, Owner and Photographer


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