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"I keep meaning to get professional portraits of my pet, but . . ."

Sound like something you've said in the past few months? I've heard many people say they've been thinking about getting professional portraits of their pet, but life always seems to get in the way!

Here's the problem . . .

Life is busy! 

We get a puppy or new dog and love having someone around to play with, spend time with, and be ourselves around. They become family and we love them, even when they poop on the floor, chew up our couch, or pull like crazy when we take them on walks! They remind us of how to live free and how to love unconditionally. 

But with lots of love comes lots of responsibility!

So along with taking the dog on a walk or picking up their poop, we also have jobs, family, friends, and hobbies to manage and care for. Our schedules become packed with chores and things to do and we never get to really slow time down and enjoy the moments we have with one another.

And taking the time to remember to document all those crazy, wild times along the way? Not with all the planning, editing, and research involved! 

Before you know it, life has passed you by and you can barley remember what you did on your last "vacation" together with your family (because how many of us actually fully RELAX on vacation?), let alone what your dog was like when they were a puppy or how much they've changed as they've gotten older. 

Dogs and cats live unfortunately shorter lives than us, making the time they have with us that much more valuable. At the start, they're a puppy full of energy, and before you know it, they've got grey on their face, can't walk up stairs, and are living their last days sleeping them away. 

I've been blessed to work with many clients who love how well I capture their pet's story and personality in a single image. I've seen firsthand the joy and laughs it brings to their face.

And I've also seen the sorrow in their eyes after their beloved pet has passed away and been able to hear how grateful they were that they had pet portraits taken when they did. Now they have those memories and moments to cherish forever.

Here's the solution. . .

If your house caught on fire, what would be the first thing you would grab after making sure your family and pets were out of harms way? Your family photos. 

Instinctively, we know that the most important things in life aren't tangible - they aren't the couch, refrigerator, or coffee maker (though I do rely on that one a lot!) They are the memories we have with one another, the stories we share together, and the laughs and smiles we bring one another. 

They have a value that lasts our whole lives - talk about a warranty!

What if you could automatically save those moments for yourself to enjoy whenever you wanted? To look back on with a smile and say "I'm so glad I did that"? 

Fortunately, there's a way we can stop and freeze time to capture those moments that matter most to us - through photography. That's why I'm creating this for my clients - so they can have those moments saved for them automatically, without having to think about it! 

Why not eliminate the busyness and frustration that gets in the way to capturing the moments you most love so that you CAN have those memories to look back on - even years after its passed! 

That's what I've created the Pawfect Memory Club. 

I've designed the Pawfect Memory Club to make it easy to schedule your pet portrait sessions on repeat, while also being more affordable than my regular sessions.


This gives you a reliable, predictable way to fill your shelves and walls with beautiful artwork that showcases your dog's story over the years. This is the treasure your kids and grandkids will be most happy to inherent from you. 

Give yourself the gift of being present for those moments that really matter in your life.


Here's the details . . .


Exclusive Membership Each Year

Each year, you'll receive:

  • a full-length pet portrait session (either at a recommended location in Colorado Springs or at home for 60 minutes)

  • All the digital files from the session (30 high-resolution images you can share with friends and family)

  • A $350 print credit to be used on any product I offer


Other Perks

Other perks include:

  • No separate session fee (a $199 value)

  • Priority self-scheduling for 3-months in advance on my calendar

  • Automatic monthly billing

  • Unlimited access to an online gallery containing all of your photos as we create them over the years (perfect as a beautiful, shareable, and fully backed-up digital pet portrait album). This includes an app version you can keep on your phone. 

  • Once a month Saturday / Sunday pet portrait session access (a $99 value)

  • Regular pet portraits on repeat so you can be sure you'll capture your dog or cat's best years without having to worry about it!

Burmese Mountain Dog Laying in Grass Dog Portrait _ Colorado Springs, CO _ Pet Portrait Ph

Important to Know

  • I'm limiting the number of clients included in the Pawfect Memory Club so I can ensure I'm giving each a premium experience

  • I'm keeping the enrollment period short so I can have a clear picture of the year ahead. Enrollment starts on XXX and will remain available until 11:59 PM MST on XXX (unless all the spots are gone before that)

  • I will post my availability four times a year: once at the start of each quarter (January, April, July, October)

  • The calendar will be self-scheduled by members on a first come, first served basis (so scheduling early will be useful to get those most coveted times of the year!)

    • In future years, currently enrolled members will receive one day earlier access before new member enrollment begins. So joining early before the enrollment period ends will give you first pick on all those coveted perks!​

  • Rescheduling for reasons due to sickness, illness, etc. will be handled the same way it has always been - there will be a charge to your account if 7 days notice is not given (except due to bad weather). This helps ensure I can pay my staff for the time missed. I will always work with you to find a new date that works better for you.​

  • Moving forward, members will be asked if they would like to renew or terminate their membership before the new enrollment period. There is no commitment beyond the year and no sudden renewals. 

  • If you chose to renew, but would like to upgrade or downgrade your membership, you can do so without penalty, although offerings and pricing can change from year to year. 

Here's the cost . . .

There are three membership options (all subject to Colorado State Sales Tax) -

The 'Classics' Club

$160 per month


The 'Playful' Club

$205 per month


The 'Special' Club

$250 per month


The 'Classics' club members will be entitled to one full pet portrait session per year, along with a complete set of digital files from their session, and a $350 print credit to be used on any of the products in our product guide.

All additional perks and member benefits are detailed above.

Includes all the benefits of the 'Classics' club plus two holiday-themed sessions per year at Christmas and Mother's Day, including two complimentary digital images per dog (valued up to $1180) at each themed session. Also includes a complimentary end-of-the-year calendar with 12 portraits from your session (valued at $250). 

If you've never experienced one of our holiday-themed sessions, they are fun, quick, and easy! Your dogs or cats will be photographed individually and together against a holiday themed backdrop (and at Christmas time, we typically include Santa to pose with your pups as well!) 

My goal is to always have a variety of striking, simple portraits showcasing your connection to your pet and their personality. You'll typically receive around 10 portraits per session to pick from. 

These sessions will also be self-scheduled and if you have multiple pets, you can schedule them back-to-back for convenience. 

Includes all the benefits of the 'Classics' and 'Playful' club plus a custom archival 8x8" album to show off your images to friends and family. 

I am a huge proponent of my clients having an actual, physical book on their shelves from our sessions so they can FEEL and look back on their experience any time they want. 

Digital files just seem to be forgotten easily, kept on a laptop, and shared only once on social media, never to be seen again. Not the case with physical products!

'Special' club members will be able to have a meeting with me to design their album as they like. 

Here's How to Join




Will I get my digital files right away, even if I’ve only made one or two payments before the session?

Yep! Once you sign up and make your first payment, you can book and schedule your session immediately. You'll receive your gallery on my normal schedule (the 10th and 25th of each month) and will be able to download your images and use your print credit as soon as you have your ordering appointment.

I don’t really think I need pet portraits every year. Can I buy a membership this year, drop out for next year, then join again later?

Technically, yes, you can. But here are some things to consider: 1) Even if the membership doesn't fully fill this year, by next year, it may be full with spots being hard to come by. I don't anticipate adding new memberships, just offering any un-renewed spots during the next enrollment period. 2) You are allowed to "roll over" your sessions to the future as long as you maintain your membership. This means you can have two full sessions if you skip a year.

What if I sign up and there aren’t any session dates available that work for me?

While I can't guarantee you'll be able to book in for a certain date and time, there are currently around 18 - 22 spots available per month for a session. Even if the membership fills completely and every member wants a session during the same 3-month period, there will be more than enough spots to ensure everyone can book in.

What will I be able to get with my $350 print credit?

The print credit can be used towards any of the products in my product guide. You can even put them towards an album upgrade (if you want a bigger book or more pages) or upgrading your artwork from canvas to acrylic (which I love!)  There are several options, but that should give you an idea!

Can I join the club if I don't live in Colorado Springs?

Yes, as long as you are in Colorado! Here are a few options for you:

1. You travel to Colorado Springs for a limited session date

2. You can pay a flat fee of $0.63/mile for me to travel to you!

Can I purchase a membership as a gift?

Yes! But the family that is photographed is the only one that can receive the benefits and continue to use the membership in following years.

How many photos can I put in my album if I join the Special Club?

Typically, an album includes all the photos from a single session, so in this case, up to 30 images. If you'd like to include images from past years, we can also certainly do that by adding more pages! And your print credit can go towards those upgrades!

I have more than one dog. If I join the Playful Club, do they all receive a holiday-themed session?

Yes! For the value of a single holiday session, I can include up to 3 dogs in a 15-minute time block. You also have the option of booking back-to-back sessions for each of your dogs so they can each have the full experience! 

What happens if I want to cancel my membership before the re-enrollment period?

For the membership, you are committing to a full year. If you'd like to cancel early, you certainly can, but you will owe the full amount due for the year at that time. If you'd like to cancel, you can do so without penalty during re-enrollment.

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